Looking back at this lot, it's interesting to watch development times get longer! I now spend over a year on a project. Not so long ago it took a couple of months...

-I can't lay exclusive claim to many of these: Thanks to all the artists, musicians, and other programmers involved. Not forgetting the testers & marketing bods!

On second thoughts... the testers give me too much aggro these days. So let's forget 'em ;-)

There's all sorts here...
Plasticene chickens...
Peanut-firing elephants with umbrellas...
Eggs with attitude
Blobby creatures with silly grins purporting to be movie stars...

Work in progress: I'm half way through giving all this lot pages of their own. Not much to see yet, but it's getting there.


* Big Bumpin' (XBox/XBox360: Blitz Games / Burger King)
* Reservoir Dogs (PS2: Volatile / Eidos)


* Pac-Man World 3 (PSP: Blitz Games / Namco)


* Possession (Blitz Games)


* Bad Boys II (PS2/XBox/GC/PC: Blitz Games / Empire Interactive)
* Lego Soccer II (PS2: Blitz Games)


* Zapper (PC: Blitz Games / Infogrames)
* Cubix Race'n'Robots (PC: Blitz Games / 3D0)
* Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Paradise (Playstation: Blitz Games / Disney Interactive)
* Pushy IIb (Gameboy Advance: FishNet)


* Fuzion Frenzy (XBox: Blitz Games / Microsoft)


* Chicken Run (Playstation/PC/Dreamcast: Blitz Games / Interactive Studios)


* Glover (Playstation: Interactive Studios / Hasbro)


* HARD Corps (PC: Big Red Software / Acclaim)
* Corr 3d Library (Playstation/Dreamcast: Big Red Software)
* PushyIIb (Playstation: FishNet / SCEE)


* Assault Korps (PC: Big Red Software / Mindscape)
* Corr 3d Library (PC: Big Red Software)
* QBuild (Acorn: FishNet)
* Quantize (Acorn: FishNet)


* Swarm Troopers (PC: Big Red Software)
* Tydirium (Acorn: FishNet)
* Pushy II (Acorn: FishNet)


* Big Red Racing (PC: Big Red Software / Domark)
* Fire (Acorn: FishNet)


* Pushy (Acorn: FishNet)
* Tank Commander (PC: Big Red Software / Domark)


* Micro Machines (Gameboy: Big Red Software / Codemasters)


* Game Genie (Gameboy: Big Red Software / Codemasters)
* Grell & Falla (Spectrum/CPC: Big Red Software / Codemasters)


* Dizzy V (Spectrum/CPC: Big Red Software / Codemasters)
* CJ in the USA (Spectrum: Big Red Software / Codemasters)
* Seymour-Take 1 (Spectrum/CPC: Big Red Software / Codemasters / Future)
* Seymour at the Movies (Spectrum/CPC: Big Red Software / Codemasters)
* Fun School 3 (BBC Micro: Big Red Software / Database)


* Dizzy III.V (Spectrum: Big Red Software / Codemasters / Newsfield)
* CJ's Elephant Antics (Spectrum: Big Red Software / Codemasters)
* Dizzy IV (Spectrum/CPC: Big Red Software / Codemasters)
* Wacky Darts (Spectrum: Big Red Software / Codemasters)
* New York Warriors (Spectrum/CPC: Binary Design / Big Red Software / Virgin Mastertronic)


* Hard Drivin' (CPC: Binary Design / Domark)

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