Ok, so you've got the Acorn version of Quake...

Or you will have, real soon, when TBA finish all their ongoing stuff & release the thing...

And you've played it clear through on "nightmare"...

And thought "hmmm. what now?"

So you've downloaded a few "extra levels" from the net, and thought...

"These are awful, badly designed efforts. I could do much better, if only someone had ported the map-compiling tools across to the Acorn..."

Well! Here they are! Enjoy!

NB QBuild needs a LOT of memory. We're talking around 10...12Mb for a fairly small map. I'll put support in for Clare's "Virtualise" eventually. For the moment... well, get the "tasks list" on-screen, & watch that memory bar climb while QBSP's running!

NB2 QBuild is not a map editor, its a map compiler Creating the "map" & "wad" files is up to you...

In fact, I'm bundling a BASIC library with QBuild, which'll let you build (hard to create in a text editor) map files from a BASIC program. The ideal map editor for programmer-type people!

Many thanks to Id software for making the source to these publically available, by the way...

There's a known problem with this release of QBuild in that it won't handle switchable lights properly. Sorry about that: When (If!) I get round to finishing the thing, this'll be fixed.

Download QBuild (It's a 140K zip)

Download QInfo (A StrongHelp manual detailing Quake maps & entities) (It's a 24K zip)

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