Quantize is... um... sort-of here!

Ok. It's not really finished.

...where you can get the current version, which works well enough to produce the images you're looking at at the moment - ie, it's ok for producing low-colour web pages, but not really good enough for general artistic use, in my opinion. Try it!

So what is it?

Well, it's a wonderful way of reducing the number of colours in graphics. Examples? Well, the graphics on these pages were created using a (just barely working!) version. They're (mostly) 16-colour GIF files, created "automatically" by !Quantize from 24-bit originals.

!Quantize chooses the palette (at the moment, not too brilliantly it must be said), and dithers the image down into it.

Eventually, it'll do nice things like allowing user-fixed colours in the palette, choose the best palette from multiple images, better auto-palette choice, interlaced GIFS, non-24-bit input, FSI dithering, locking the palette choice to the 256-fixed colours on older Acorns, proper, & definable, mask handling, and, and, and...

Download Quantize (It's a 22K zip)

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