Pushy II is here!

So what is it then?

Pushy II is, logically enough, the sequel to Pushy. It's a really straightforward puzzle game. The idea being to push boxes onto crosses. Trouble is, you can't push a box if there's something behind it.

The original Pushy (not that the idea's original, but you know what I mean) was released in Jan '95, received a couple of rather good reviews in Acorn User, & appeared on the Datafile catalogue disc...

Pushy II features:-

* Hi-Res (640 * 400) 24 bit graphics for those with Risc PC's, Vram, and "MakeModes". (overkill, possibly, but hey - it looks good! Created in Artworks if you're interested)
* Loads of other 24-bit, 256 colour, or lo-res screen modes for those who don't.
* A slightly higher difficulty level than Pushy 1.
* Balls: (aka boxes that keep moving once pushed).
* A totally gorgeous front-end. (Not that I'm biassed or anything)
* Level-load capability for Tydirium-generated maps.

Version information:-

V2.10 fixed the game to work on the StrongARM, & included the Pushy I levels.

V2.11 fixes a wee little buguette in the movement code.

V2.12 deals with Pre-RiscPC's who've installed the new Window Manager.

As a cunning way of killing two birds with one stone, here's a screenshot of Tydirium, editing a Pushy II map...


Download Pushy2 (It's a 340K zip)

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