Japan, October 2004

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October 21-23

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The typhoon's gone (indeed, by the time it had got overland to Tokyo it seemed to have given up being a typhoon altogether). In contrast to the two days of rain it pushed in front of itself, immediately behind the typhoon was bright sunny weather.

I was in Kyoto for the festivals, but they're in the afternoon & evening. So while I didn't have time for much else, I did revisit Kiyomizu-dera - the most touristy of Kyoto's temple collection.

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October 22nd is a big festival day for Kyoto. In the afternoon, there's the "Jidai Matsuri" (Festival of Ages) - a parade in Kyoto centre. And in the evening, it's time for the "Kurama no hi Matsuri" (Kurama fire festival) - a (very) packed event, 30 minutes away by local train, in (you'll never guess...) Kurama.

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