Download Zone

Welcome to the spot where you can download the latest version of all of FISHnet's Freeware!

Warning: If you've not got an Acorn machine, there's very little point in downloading the Acorn-only items!

Pushy stuff first, coz there's a lot of it...

Pushy 1: The original block-pushing extravaganza. NB: Not StrongArm compatable.
Download Pushy 1 (It's a 40K zip)

Pushy II, V2.12: The sequel to Pushy. Now StrongArm compatable, & including the Pushy 1 levels.
Download Pushy2 (It's a 340K zip)

P2_212: If you've got an earlier version of Pushy 2, & don't fancy 340K of download, here's a program to bring it up to date.
Download Pushy2 upgrader (It's a 28K zip)

Pushy II, The PlayStation levelset: (As featured on the Feb '99 coverdisc of the Official PlayStation Magazine)
Download P2PSX (It's a 14K zip)

Pushy IIb, for the Gameboy Advance: A straight port of the Yaroze PlayStation version. It's a ROM image, so you'll need something to run it on.
Download Pushy2B-GBA (It's a 340K zip)

And the rest...

InfoHack: A utility for extracting all the text messages from "Infocom" adventure games
Download InfoHack (It's a 2K zip)

Fire: A Risc-PC only flickery-flames demo
Download Fire (It's a 26K zip)

Tydirium: The desktop chite-map editor. Sadly still in a pre-alpha state (I really must get round to finishing it sometime!)
Download Tydirium (It's a 24K zip)

Quantize: The desktop utility for producing lovely dithered gifs & sprites with relatively few colours from sprites with a ludicrous amount of colours. Also not really finished, but here it is...
Download Quantize (It's a 22K zip)

QBuild: The desktop utility set for creating new maps for Quake. (NB - You'll need a StrongArm, and somewhere over 12Mb of ram to run this one!)
Download QBuild (It's a 140K zip)

QInfo: In the continuing absence of a completed full version of QBuild, I'm sticking my Quake Entity notes here. It's a StrongHelp file will lots of useful stuff.
Download QInfo (It's a 24K zip)

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