Japan, October 2004

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Kyoto Jidai Matsuri: Festival of Ages

October 22

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The Jidai Matsuri (Festival of Ages) is a long procession of around 2000 people, in period costumes, from Kyoto Gosho to Heian-Jingu. It lasts from 2:30 in the afternoon till something after 4:00.

I got here before 1:00, and consequently was able to grab a bit of prime pavement seating on the shaded side of the street, before it got five-deep. From here to the Heian shrine -the home run of the parade- it's all reserved chairs.

I'll grab some annotations from a street-brochure-seller's brochure, and try to match them up with the pictures. Apologies in advance for any errors... Here's "Lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1590)". Or, rather, his ox-cart and entourage.